Meet the UNC Board of Governors

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Republicans win both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) for the first time since 1898 with support from Art Pope-backed groups. Tom Fetzer is chair of the NCGOP.


  • David Powers, involved with fundraising for Real Jobs NC, joins the BOG.
  • NCGA cuts over $400 million from the UNC System budget.



  • NCGA passes landmark conservative tax reform that slashes taxes for corporations and places the major tax burden on working and middle-class families with major support from Robert Rucho. 
  • The Opportunity Scholarship Act passes, which siphons public dollars to private school vouchers in legislation sponsored by Rob Bryan, lobbying from Darrell Allison from an organization co-founded by Steve Long.
  • J. Alex Mitchell’s 751 South development project is saved by Tim Moore in a House Rules Committee.
  • Memo leaks from House Speaker Thom Tillis’ leadership team touting Doyle Parrish’ contributions to his campaign. 
  • Doyle Parrish, Steve Long, James Holmes, Harry Smith are elected to the BOG.


  • NC House Speaker Thom Tillis is elected to US Senate.
  • NCGA rolls out a budget plan that would have closed Elizabeth City State University.


  • Tim Moore is elected NC Speaker of the House.
  • BOG votes to consolidate 46 degree programs throughout the university system.
  • J. Alex Mitchell, C. Philip Byers, and Thom Goolsby are elected to the BOG.
  • Tom Ross is ousted as president of the UNC System.


  • HB2 passes, which sanctions discrimination against queer and trans-North Carolinians.
  • Achievement School District legislation, which allows charter organizations to take over the state’s lowest-performing schools, passes. Rob Bryan’s organization later benefits. 
  • NCGA proposes a bill that would slash tuition at five universities which would result in revenue losses of $60 million each year. 
  • Trump is elected in November.
  • Harry Smith explores a possible apartment deal at ECU that would be profitable to him.




  • The original version of the 2017 NCGA budget included a $4 million cut to the UNC School of Law.
  • BOG passes the UNC litigation ban for UNC Center for Civil Rights.
  • NCGA passes Campus Free Speech law. Tension over Silent Sam escalates.
  • Darrell Allison, Kellie Blue, Rob Bryan, Leo Daughtry, and Robert Rucho are elected to the BOG.


  • Harry Smith and Darrell Allison are named in a whistleblower lawsuit.
  • Margaret Spellings resigns.
  • NCGA passes bill limiting damages from environmental lawsuits against hog farms.
  • NCGA Budget includes “Carolina Promise” plan.


  • Carol Folt resigns. 
  • ECU chancellor resigns. 
  • BOG and Vidant Hospital clash.