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The Silent Sam Settlement is Out: What’s next for the BOG?

This week an Orange County Superior Court Judge voided the settlement that awarded $2.5 million to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Judge Allen Baddour, who initially agreed to the…

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UNC BOG Chair TLDR: “This is fine”

Late last week newly-minted Board of Governors Chair Randy Ramsey penned an op-ed titled “UNC System is moving forward.” Undoubtedly, Ramsey had to respond to the latest flashpoint of…

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Who Is Reginald R. Holley?

Reginald Holley, the newest House appointee to the BOG, is a “politically well connected” Republican lobbyist from Brunswick County. According to the Secretary of State website, he has been…

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BOG Chaos continues with Harry Smith’s second resignation

Former UNC BOG Chairman Harry Smith has resigned from the Board of Governors effective February 1. Notably, his resignation follows his abrupt ceding of the BOG chairmanship just over…

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BOG elects new leadership: Who are Randall Ramsey and Wendy Murphy?

This morning the UNC BOG unanimously voted, without debate, to elect Randy Ramsey chair during a special session. He previously served as vice-chair after being elected to the BOG…

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10 Reasons Harry Smith should have already resigned from the BOG

Harry Smith’s tenure on the BOG has been mired in what seems like nonstop controversy since the beginning of his term. This controversy ranges from his bullish approach to…

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