R. Doyle Parrish


Doyle Parrish is a founder and CEO of Summit Hospitality Group, a hotel and restaurant management business in Raleigh. He was elected to the BOG in 2013 and reelected in 2017 by the House. He has served as the chair of the NC Travel and Tourism Coalition among several other boards. 

Parrish’s first appointment to the BOG in 2013 was mired in controversy. Parrish, who served on the Board of Tillis’ super PAC, was the only registered Democrat to be appointed to the BOG by the House that year. At the time the News & Observer reported on a “pay to play” situation, citing a Tillis memo that touted Parrish’s support for his campaign committee and urged members to vote for him.

The memo read “I would estimate [Parrish] is directly responsible for more than $100,000 in financial support through personal contributions to my campaign committee and other candidates.” – Thom Tillis

Democratic opponents accused Tillis of trading appointments for campaign contributions. 

During the controversy over the close of the UNC Center for Civil Rights, Parrish agreed with Steve Long and said the center is “going to cause a lot of problems” by representing people involved in litigation against state and local governments. Additionally, Parrish said UNC Chapel Hill’s Center for Poverty, Work & Opportunity “failed in almost every respect.” 

Parrish was arrested in 2015 for assaulting his wife, Nancy. The charges were dropped because she refused to testify. Parrish took a leave of absence from the BOG after he was charged but did not step down.